Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gravity Falls t-shirt contest!

Some more of what I've been u to in the past month!

I got off my tuff and made some art for ‘s Gravity Falls T-shirt design contest. If you love me, the show, and/or the shirts I designed, I would be *ever* so grateful if you could go to the following links and give each design a 5/5 rating! Seriously I’ll love you forever! Yay please and thank you!!!

Vote 5/5 for The Mystery Shack Souvenir shirt!

Vote 5/5 for the Mister Mystery Club shirt!

Vote 5/5 for the Panther Shirt!

Vote 5/5 for the Puma Shirt!

For reals, thank you so much if you do take the time to go and vote! I appreciate it!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Huey Lewis and I share the same birth date

So I'm in the middle of about a bajillion projects at the moment, but finally, something required a hard deadline and involved people and music I like. That means it got finished! And here are the results:

show poster by monique lopez
 It's a poster for a friend's going away show. And now a detail shot.

show poster detail monique lopez
 If you're in bay area you should go because it'll be tubular.