Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just like Romeo and Juliet

Hey there! Real quick update I thought I'd share. My wonderful friend Kaela's nanny got married over the weekend. Yay! One of the wedding tasks that I got asked to help with was putting together a kids activity book. The interior pages were just various line art and activities I found online since you know, short timeline, but I quickly whipped up a custom cover with their faces. I particularly like how Delana looks a little like Barbie here.

Also really hoping some kids and or guests took the opportunity to color in and or embellish upon their likeness.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Stupid sexy Flanders

Howdy there. So I didn't win the Gravity Falls tshirt design contest. But I did get a lot of positive feedback from friends and strangers alike on them! I'm considering making a redbubble or whatever site and maybe getting them printed? Although I'm not sure where that falls in the grey area that is parody to copywritten/tradmakred characters thing? I don't want to get sued or piss anyone off.

Moving along, i've been posting a little more to instagram than here. just because its faster and I really don't have to think about these text posts thing-y's.

But lets get you caught up and archive these doodles eh?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gravity Falls t-shirt contest!

Some more of what I've been u to in the past month!

I got off my tuff and made some art for ‘s Gravity Falls T-shirt design contest. If you love me, the show, and/or the shirts I designed, I would be *ever* so grateful if you could go to the following links and give each design a 5/5 rating! Seriously I’ll love you forever! Yay please and thank you!!!

Vote 5/5 for The Mystery Shack Souvenir shirt!

Vote 5/5 for the Mister Mystery Club shirt!

Vote 5/5 for the Panther Shirt!

Vote 5/5 for the Puma Shirt!

For reals, thank you so much if you do take the time to go and vote! I appreciate it!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Huey Lewis and I share the same birth date

So I'm in the middle of about a bajillion projects at the moment, but finally, something required a hard deadline and involved people and music I like. That means it got finished! And here are the results:

show poster by monique lopez
 It's a poster for a friend's going away show. And now a detail shot.

show poster detail monique lopez
 If you're in bay area you should go because it'll be tubular.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stuff and Progress!

Look! I've been up to some things. Although one of them obviously wasnt "updating her blog" A-hyuk-yuk!!

Lets start of with something from the vault. A pair of boobies. They were a gift for my friend, who is an artist in his own right. (click to view it larger)

Then I got crafty, and the Mister and I put together this bit of fall for our door
For Christmas, we put together this Nightmare! Get it! It's a joke!

In the mean time, I've also been working on a painting of my friends dog as a thank you gift for puppy sitting Margot.  This is a teaser. In progress and final shots coming soon.
Also kind of obsessed with these guys. I might do a paiting (or 2) of them.

And I've got some other poppin' fresh ideas just waiting to be shelled out. What? I don't know. I need sleep.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Endor indoors! Get it! It's a joke!

Behold! A table terrarium? Isn't that's sweet. But wait, whats this? If you look closer...
There's an ewok in my bowl.
Quite a few of them actual, with a couple of friends (can you spot them?) Fighting off imperial forces!
A battle is being waged in what looks like a river bed. Of some sort. (Yes, I added the walkers later)
View from above.

What's that in the trees?!
This was a lot of fun to make. A quick, reasonably priced nerdy craft project.  I got the idea after stumbling across a sweet stash of mico machine star wars toys at a local toy shop. If people are interested, I might start an etsy account selling "kits" for these bad boys since I kind of  stock piled on toys. Or maybe a lucky few will get some Star Wars/Nature related Christmas gift. Yay!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Margot Graduated Puppy Class!

Instead of my usual bouts of infrequent  arting, I have been taking care and trying to train a puppy. We were enrolled in a Puppy 1 class and Margot just recently graduated! So of course I crafted a little puppy graduation cap after I stumbled this instructible (check it out the pictures are super cute!). And so life goes on, we started the Puppy 2 class, and I maybe I'll get back to more drawing and nerd crafts.