Sunday, August 21, 2011

Things in my apartment that make me happy

So what are some of the things I do when I'm not arting? I'm concocting crazy plans and ideas to improve the aesthetic value of the first real place I've lived in on my own. Slow to start (since I kind of had to figure out what kind of design style I had a taste for..) and then you know, taking breaks here and there. Mostly for my wallet but also for my (and not to mention my boyfriends) sanity.

Also, our place was kind of ehh.. so regretfully I didn't take many before or process shots as I wanted to get everything done and over with. I found a few before/process picks, and an old photo I took of myself in the bathroom last year (yeah yeah I know, it was for an art reference if it makes it any better)

Oh yeah, this was the original paint job we moved into. This wasn't done by us. I really wanted to punch whoever painted this place before us.


herp derp. At least you can kind of see the sad, awful color cream walls and the old shower curtain. It was a'ite.

Ok now for the glorious after! Peppered with things that make me smile!

Oh yeah, that's a brand "new" fancy medicine cabinet that I found from local "industrial thrift store" (?) Urban Ore. If you live in the bay area, its definitely worth checking out. Especially if you're into remodeling your place on the cheap and diy. Be warned, its dusty and smells a bit of cat pee.

The end! Yay! In case you haven't figured it out by now I'm basically a large woman-child. I'm sure as I get older my place will become less whimsical and more classical but being a big kid is still fun.

And thus concludes the mini tour of my place, which I think will always be a work in progress, weather I stay here another year or move somewhere else. Hope you enjoyed!

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