Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Arts and Bows!

Gah Talk about an extended holiday break. Continuing on with my arts and crafts kick during these past winter months, I was heavily inspired by this awesome hair bow DIY tutorial over at My Girl Thursday. And then I saw these Beautiful "statement" Bow over at the Red Velvet shop I decided to draw and make my own bows! Eeee. Why yes, I'm a big fan of head accoutrement
Elise of Red Velvet and A Beautiful Mess. She's freaking gorgeous.
Eventually, I'll probably have a bow in every size and color.
Random: I received this adorable Japanese pea pop puppy for Christmas from my beloved. I adore it.
So then I tried my hand at making my own version of the Red Velvet bow in a warmer, Christmas red and stiffer fabric. It turned out ehh, ok. Not sure when or where I'll be able to pull this off. And until I get a new camera, I had to compensate with my crappy HTC phone camera with filters to actually make me look *less* washed out. Sigh.

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