Friday, June 8, 2012

Hello my poor little blog. I'm sorry I've gone rouge and've neglected you so. I swear, this whole time I've being doing stupid things to update you with. some are still in progress, others i need to take photos of or scan. 

I'm currently in Vancouver having just attended the Interlink Conference. It was amazing! Seriously if you work as a front web designer/developer you shoulda been there man. All the speakers were fantastic and I can't tell you how stoked I was to get to meet Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks and THE Jessica Hische of "Don't Fear the Internet" and other awesome things. I also got to meet a bunch of other really cool designers, developers, etc. And I'll hopefully make another post later about how much I love Vancouver and why its fantastic. But yeah it was super fun stuff and I hope to attend the next one for sure.

Anyhoo, between being inspired by all that and finally having a quiet moment here, I've complied and am presenting one of my lame attempts at showing my painting process as I try to keep in shape by practicing random portraits. This is Martin Freeman. Better known as Watson from Sherlock, Tim from the office, soon to be a hobbit. I don't think its very good and because it was always to be a practice thing and not a finished piece, it isn't. I think I may try this again in Photoshop as i'm experimenting with that again for efficiencies sake. Don't forget to click on the image to see in a larger size. More Nerd shit coming soon. MONIQUE OUT!

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