Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Herp derp. The illustration.

Still practicing drawing and colorin' in photoshop. Its helped me to be marginally faster! Huzzah.


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  2. This is beautiful and you're extremely talented. May I ask how exactly you did this? Did you draw it, scan it into your computer, and then color it using photoshop?

  3. Thank you! Normally I do a pencil sketch, scan it it in and redraw the lines and create new layers for colors for major areas (base skin tone, hair, clothes) then more layers for dark tones, shadows, lights, highlights, eventually merging these layers as I get further along.

    With this piece however I just began sketching in Photoshop using my wacom tablet (an old intuos), and then continued with the aforementioned process. I kind of prefer doing this now since I find its really hard to re-capture the spontaneity of a sketch when you trace it. I also used a chalk texture brush and one of the default Ps texture brushes to create the background art. I started out with a similar process as Megan Lara in this video: